4 Tips for Lowering Your Energy Bills as the Heat Rises

As the temperatures rise, so do your energy bills. Many homeowners blast the AC in the summer to combat the heat, but this can be expensive. Fortunately, there are ways to lower your heating and cooling costs without sacrificing indoor comfort. Here are a few tips:

Install a Smart Thermostat

When you invest in a smart thermostat, you’ll reduce energy costs and have more command over your home’s comfort settings. Smart thermostats are convenient because they let you adjust the temperature right from your smartphone or tablet. They also tell you which parts of the house are using the most energy and offer up helpful tips for saving money.

Plus, you can easily set the temperature higher when you’re at work or away on vacation, and then have your AC cool your home before you and your family get back. That way, your thermostat only cools or heats your home when you’re around to enjoy it, thereby reducing the likelihood of wasted energy.

Choose the Right Window Treatments

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Another easy way to tackle the summer heat is by using energy-efficient window treatments. Covers such as blinds, shades, drapes, mesh window screens, shutters, and awnings are ideal for reducing the amount of heat that passes through your windows into your home.

If you’d rather let a little sunshine in without covering up your windows, you can always install an insulating window film. It helps you conserve energy and reduces heat gain. You’ll feel cooler and you won’t be tempted to crank the AC, saving you money on your energy bills.

Wash Responsibly

A simple way to conserve water and energy is by putting a full load into your dishwasher or washing machine instead of a partial one. Whether your load is big or small, you’re still using up the same amount of water each time. So why not maximize your machine’s efficiency by washing more with one load?

Other ways to save include washing your clothes in cold, rather than hot, water and scheduling your laundry for early morning or in the evening to avoid washing during the hottest times of the day. If you have some extra time on your hands, consider hand drying your dishes or let them air dry instead of using the “dry” cycle on your dishwasher.

Unplug Your Unused Devices

When school’s out and the summer heat intensifies, it’s a no-brainer that kids want to spend time indoors playing video games and watching TV. You can send your kids outside, but simply turning their devices off doesn’t mean they’re not wasting energy. Anything that’s still plugged into the wall draws idle electrical currents, even if they’re not in use. 

If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of unplugging your devices individually, consider connecting them to a power strip. Unplugging one power cord is a lot easier than having to do so with several, and you’ll help reduce energy waste by cutting off electricity to all devices at once.

If you stay proactive this summer, you can find creative ways to lower your energy bills and increase your home’s indoor comfort.


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