A Look at the July 2011 Birchbox by Cynthia Rowley

Last month I signed up and received my first Birchbox.  For a $10 per month subscription you receive a box of surprise luxury samples and POSSIBLY a full-sized product.  Last month, I was amazed at the contents of my box and I did receive one full-sized product.  I have to admit, this month I am a little underwhelmed.  I’m just being honest here and we are all entitled to our opinions.  Let’s take a look:

I thought the Cynthia Rowley overlay on the Birchbox was very nice:

The details on all that’s inside the box:

Now let’s see what’s inside:

Of course, I was excited to see a Zoya polish in the box and then I realized it wasn’t a full-size but a half-size.  I was bummed.  The second item I was not overly excited to see is another lotion (hand cream, to be exact).  My first Birchbox contained a body lotion.  Of course, Birchbox can’t know that I am filled to the brim over here with lotions…and samples of lotions.  Birchbox also doesn’t know that I am pretty over the whole lotion thing and am so impressed with organic body oils that I may never want to use a lotion on my hands, or legs, or anywhere again.  Strangely, I was kind of eager to try the Kind bar, it sounded yummy!  Update:  I did try it…and it IS yummy!  I’m happy about the Philosophy cleanser and curious about the Redken spray.  I know that was quite a bit of complaining, but I’m being honest.

I will stay positive for next month’s Birchbox, no doubt.  I still like surprises :).

Have you signed up for Birchbox yet, if so do you LOVE IT??

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