Blushing with Essence Cosmetics…

If you haven’t tried any items from Essence Cosmetics*, you should be kicking yourself right now!  I have been loving the nail polish, lipgloss, and eyeshadows.  Recently, I gave the Essence* blushes a try and found them to be a nice little addition to my makeup drawer.  Here’s a look at the Essence* Multi-Colour Blush, Fashonista and How Cute is That?:

left to right: Fashionista, How Cute is That?

These little Multi Colour Blushes* have strips of color that you swipe and combine into a lovely blush each time.  I swatched both of these on my arm.  I don’t see myself ever trying to use these colors separately (as the strips are too small) so I didn’t feel the need to swatch each little color strip.  Fashionista turns into a nice pink…what do you expect with that hot pink strip!  How Cute is That turns into my skin tone!  As you can see below, you can BARELY see How Cute is That? on my arm it matches so well!  It is a nice nude type color with just a hint of bronze.

left to right: Fashionista, How Cute is That?

I found these blushes to be more on the powdery side, not too silky.  But fret not, the Essence* Silky Touch Blush will take care of that!  Here’s the Silky Touch Blush in Natural Beauty:

Don’t you love the swirly pattern, pretty pretty!  This blush most definitley lives up to it’s silky name, so smooth and silky to the touch.  I loved this color on the cheeks, a very nice bronze that goes on light but you can build up the color.

Natural Beauty


These are great little blushes that you can find at Ulta for $2.49 each!  These are so inexpensive you just can’t afford NOT to try these.

What have YOU tried from Essence Cosmetics?  Do you have a favorite yet?

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