Review with Before and After Photos: Feria Rebel Chic Hi-Lift Blonde – Shade 11.11 Icy Blonde

While I was born with brown / dirty blonde hair, it’s hard to pinpoint the last time I have seen my natural color on a full head of hair.  I have been coloring my own hair since the age of 19.  There is something powerful about changing your hair color, it’s an easy way to transform yourself.  I have been told many, many times in life: Oh, I didn’t recognize you, your hair is totally different!  I have been shades of dark brown, auburn, black (which I hated and would never do again), and about 10 million different shades of blonde over the years.  The most recent few years, I have been bleaching my hair blonde.  I use products found at Sally Beauty Supply:  a powder bleach and a developer, that’s it.  I do it at home about every 4 to 6 weeks.  Not too long ago I was perusing the hair color aisle in Walgreens and spotted a box that caught my eye:  Feria Rebel Chic Hi-Lift Blonde – Shade 11.11 Icy Blonde / Ultra Cool Blonde.  Let’s be honest, the picture on the box is ALWAYS what sucks me in first.  Why YES, I do want the color and hair cut of the model on the box, thank you very much!  This time was no exception.

Feria Hi Lift Blonde Review

Feria Blonde 1111 Icy BlondeI have always loved Feria hair color (see my dark hair color post here) and this particular box suggests that it could work on my already-bleached hair.  I have never tried doing a box color on top of my bleached hair.  I was interested in giving it a try to see if it might brighten my hair and tone down any orange.  The box boasts: “Extreme Lightening for Lighter Hair, Lifts Up to 3 Levels, Anti-Brass”.  Too good to be true?  Probably, but I bought it anyway.  Plus the shade number is 11.11 and 11 is my favorite number.  It was a done deal.

In the box, you will find the Deep Conditioning Colour Gel, Shimmering Conditioning Developer Creme, Aromatic Shimmer Serum, Power Shimmer Conditioner and instructions/gloves.  The first reason I adore the Feria brand is because for me it has always delivered on the claim of “multi-faceted shimmering colour”.  It is also unique because it includes the Aromatic Shimmer Serum which adds a quite pleasant scent to the process, much better than the usual stinky odor of typical hair color!

Considering my very thick and stubborn hair (with plenty of grays) I always leave the hair color on for the maximum time, sometimes longer.  I CERTAINLY DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS FOR OTHERS.  I am only sharing what I do.  From many years of home hair color I know what it takes for my best possible color result.

My before and after photos with Feria Rebel Chic Hi-Lift Blonde 11.11 Ultra Cool Blonde:

Before Feria Blonde 11.11

After Feria Hi Lift Blonde 11.11

Feria Hi-Lift Before AfterSo keep in mind that I had bleached my hair just about 3 days before I tried this Feria Blonde color.  The color result on my already bleached hair was a smidge lighter/brighter, in my opinion.  I do think it toned down some of the yellow/orange.  It’s subtle but I think you can see it in the photos above if you compare the before and after.  I should mention that the section of hair shown with the bobby pin did end up with a slight blue tint because that was the very lightest of my hair already.  That’s what I struggle with when I try using those purple toning shampoos.  No matter how little time I leave it on, the purple shampoos always leave my hair with a blue tint.

The Power Shimmer Conditioner is such a nice addition to this hair color.  It leaves my hair SO soft and I do believe it adds more dimension in the shade of hair.  The conditioner itself has a shimmery look to it.  Since my hair is so short there is always a ton left so I can use it every few days for a couple of weeks after.  They should sell the conditioner on it’s own, I would buy it!

Overall, Feria Hi-Lift Blonde was a decent experience…it was something different to try on my hair.  I would probably buy it again (or try a different Feria blonde shade) just to keep it interesting in my hair adventures!  Of course, when I decide to go dark again, Feria will be my first choice.  I highly recommend the brand for anyone looking to color their own hair at home.

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I purchased this product. Affiliate link.

Have you tried Feria yet?  Do you have a favorite at-home hair color?

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