I Think ExfoliKate Body Was Made Just For Me…

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Wouldn’t that be great…if every product you tried worked for you and did everything that the package says?  I feel like Exfolikate Body by Kate Somerville was custom made to please me!  The intensive body exfoliating treatment is made for all skin types and sets out to give you smoother, silkier skin.  Some info from Kate Somerville:

Papaya and pumpkin enzymes digest dead skin cells, and gentle beads buff them away.  Natural acids polish and refine, while rich emollients leave skin supple.  Caffeine stimulates, helping to tighten and firm as bergamot and lavender oils combine for a soothing scent.

First, let me say that this is very much a LUXURY treatment and I definitely treat it as such.  There is no need to slather on a ton of this product, only a dab at a time is truly needed to cover all areas.   To use ExfoliKate Body, you would gently apply an even layer to clean wet skin in a circular motion.  While in the shower, I applied this after washing with my regular body wash and turning the shower spray toward the wall.  This helps to get the steam going to activate the enzymes and keeps the water away while applying the product on your skin.

Little Beads!!

You can see (and feel) the little beads and they work their magic while you leave it on the skin for up to 2 minutes.  It has a great scent, absolutely love it.

While I love the results of ExfoliKate Body all over the body, I have to say this did wonders especially on the underarm area, elbows, and the tops of my feet.  It may sound strange to use this on your underarm area but I can’t be the only woman who gets rough skin in that area.  Right??   With all of the shaving that goes on, it just leaves the skin unhappy.  Anyway, it left my underarm area smoother and softer than it’s been in forever.  We all know that knees and elbows are usually the roughest so that’s a no-brainer.  Personally, the tops of my feet near my ankles have been getting rougher in the past years since the see A LOT of sun, so it was great for me on this area.  Ultimately, it left me with a better version of my skin!

After leaving the product on for UP TO 2 minutes (no longer, as this is an INTENSIVE treatment), washing it off will leave you with super silky, loveable skin!– Please see my past experience with leaving a product on too long, please don’t do this.  As long as you follow the directions, all should work out well.  If you didn’t always love the way your skin feels, you will love it after ExfoliKate Body.  That’s what I think, anyway.  This treatment is to be used 1 to 2 times a week and it’s always calling out to me on the bathroom counter every time I see it.  Use me now!  Use me now!  I’m so into this stuff…Kate Somerville, you know skincare!!

Product received from PR for review, all opinions are my own.

You can find Kate Somerville at Sephora and KateSomerville.com.

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