It’s a Bath &Body Works Duel: Country Chic vs Into the Wild Shower Gels

Are you the kind of person that has more than one shower gel or soap in your shower at all times?  I am for sure!  I like to have options and those options sometimes depend on my mood.  The two shower gels that have been dueling in my shower these days are two recent additions to the Bath & Body Works* Signature Collection:  Country Chic and Into the Wild.  I’ve found that these two are a great duo to have on hand for those changing moods.

Country Chic has been my favorite shower gel for mornings or after a work out.  Something about this lemon and wildflowers scent is so energizing, fresh and sassy!  It’s the type of scent that makes you want to get up and go (or keep going if you’ve already been running around all day).  Are you a believer in aromatherapy?  I have to say that I really am and I believe that certain scents evoke certain feelings and moods.  Country Chic has a “lift your mood” feel and is a wonderful pick-me-up!

Into the Wild has been my go-to shower gel for evenings before bed.  The ever-so-exotic fragrance blend takes you away to that wild island getaway that you and your loved one have been dreaming about.  Is it just me or is Into the Wild like a honeymoon in a bottle?  It might be just me :).  Anyway, it’s a sexy scented shower gel that is all about relaxation for me and is perfect for evenings when you are just hopping into bed afterwards.

Of course, both Country Chic and Into the Wild provide that wonderful lather and moisturize with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E.  Bath & Body Works has never disappointed me in the amount of fragrance found in any of their products and these are no different.  So that’s why these two have been dueling in my shower lately!  You can find these at Bath & Body Works stores and online.  You should grab both during their Buy 2 get 1 free (or Buy 3 get 2 free) sale going on right now!

What do you think of this Bath & Body Works duo of mine?  Have you tried either of these shower gels?  What’s YOUR favorite Bath & Body Works product right now?


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