Lunch Break: Flatout Flatbread

About 6 weeks ago, I set out to eat better and exercise more.  I was in major need of a change since I had gained weight over the past year and just no longer felt like myself.  Besides the fact that none of my clothes fit anymore, I just never felt GOOD.  I was always dead-tired at the end of a day and had a lot of aches and pains.  I needed to stop eating whatever/whenever and get moving!

During these past 6 weeks, I have made pretty big changes:  I walk/run on a treadmill about 4 days a week, I drink more water and make much better choices with my food.  One of the great additions to my healthier menu has been Flatout* Flatbread. There are a TON of flavors and varieties , you are bound to find a few that you’ll like!  Flatouts are low calorie (they range from 90 to 130 calories each), low carb and a good source of fiber.  I’ve been making wraps with my Flatout bread, with meats, lettuce, etc.  Check out a recent lunch wrap that I made using the Light Italian Herb Flatout *Bread (90 calories each) with some grilled chicken, lettuce, and mustard…TASTY!!:

Flatout even has a Fold It Flatbread (you fold it over and it’s just like a pita sandwich!)  These are a super- tasty alternative to sliced bread and you don’t have to worry about rolling, wrapping, & cutting!  Look for all the varieties of Flatout Flatbreads in your local stores or buy online.

With the changes I’ve made, I already feel much different even if the scale doesn’t tell me I’ve lost XX amount of pounds.  I feel better about myself, have more energy, and actually feel a difference in my body and the way my clothes fit!  These changes are a great addition to my life and I look forward to more benefits down the line!

Have you made any lifestyle/diet changes this year?  If so, let me know what you do to stay healthy!

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