My Plan of Action for Change with Unstuck Life Courses

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Now that my kids are back to school, I have several extra hours on my own each day.  Since I am a work-at-home mom blogging full-time, I not only use the time to get more work done but also focus more on ME.  I truly enjoy getting back to my self-care routine: going to the gym every single week day, enjoying a beauty day every week with a pedicure, face mask, etc., reading books, coffee with friends and more.  I am always up for more growth and positivity in my life and I recently discovered Unstuck Life Courses.  This online program is right up my alley with inspirational videos, thoughtful questions and lessons that all set out to give you a personalized plan of action to help improve your life!  Have you ever had a “stuck moment”?  You know where you just feel that you can’t move forward or don’t know how?  Life Courses can help and they use a unique approach that is personalized, based on how YOU get stuck when trying to make a change.  It is not a one-size-fits-all course and that may be my favorite part about it.  

A-B_SocialAdSince we are all such busy people in today’s world, I can appreciate that the sessions in Unstuck Life Courses are just about 20 minutes each.  It is self-paced, so you can take a break and come back whenever it is convenient.  I love that the sessions are integrated with short videos that feature stories that drive the message home.  There are online exercises, downloadable worksheets and more.

Our family has been contemplating a big change (moving out-of-state) and the “Making a Change” Life Course seemed like a great way to figure out how to make the change happen.  There are four parts, each around 20 minutes.  

Fullscreen capture 8222016 121204 PM.bmpPart One is all about finding out what’s stopping you.  You are asked questions and the result is personalized advice on how you typically get stuck when trying to make a change.  What I found is that I get caught up in the questions and often get overwhelmed, which causes me to get “stuck”.  Fullscreen capture 8222016 121758 PM.bmpThe session also told me that I may tend to avoid action (procrastinate) and this is SO TRUE!  I am so aware of this and trying to overcome procrastination is one of my top priorities these days.   

Fullscreen capture 8252016 101314 AM.bmpPart Two is all about clarity and defining the purpose behind your change.  I enjoyed this session and one of my favorite quotes was “While uncertainty is uncomfortable, it’s also a place where new ideas are born”.  I have always believed this in my heart, even though knowing it still does not take away the fear of a big change.  I crave change and get excited about change but still get “stuck”.  It never made sense before but I think it does now!  Finding out the real reason why you want to make a change can be the biggest and most important step.  You may not have known or acknowledged the “why” and that could be your main obstacle!  This session was one of my favorites for sure.  Fullscreen capture 8252016 105246 AM.bmpPart Three is all about getting a handle on facing risk with confidence. My favorite quote from this session: “A year from now you may wish you had started now.”  This statement hits home for me on a lot of levels.  There are changes in my life I wish I had made years ago and once I started them it seemed so easy.  It made me wonder what was the problem all those years with starting anyway?  Fullscreen capture 8252016 111943 AM.bmpIt also helped to see that I actually have a ton of motivating beliefs in making the move out-of-state.  YES.  One of my beliefs is that I don’t want to live with the regret of not trying.  That feeling is SO strong right now, I feel like it is literally propelling me!  

Fullscreen capture 8252016 112446 AM.bmpPart Four is all about putting all of your work together and getting a system in place as an action plan for your change.  This is the nitty-gritty!  My Unstuck Life Course Change System let me know that since I often get caught up in the questions, failure looms large right from the start.  Fullscreen capture 8292016 93651 AM.bmpSome of the great advice that I received on this is that I should remember that I can’t control everything, so just take one step at a time.  Another great bit of insight from Unstuck:  There is always another solution, because rarely is a decision irreversible.  I think I may but that quote in a frame on my desk…I just love it so much!

I thought the Unstuck platform and the format of the course was both thoughtful and informative.  I enjoyed the short videos within this course, but I thought they lacked enthusiasm.  I’m sure they were going with the tone of the course which is calm and relaxing.  I would love to see more energetic people in future videos, though!  

The Unstuck “Making a Change” Life Course allowed me to work through what I want for the future, what I need to make the change happen, and it actually confirmed that I am quite confident and sure of this change in my life.  YAY!   If you are looking to making a change in your life and want to work through it, find out what may be stopping you, and get a plan of action, this course is for you!

Find Unstuck Life Courses “Making a Change” here, purchase and receive one full year of use.

Are you ready to make a change?  Will you try Unstuck Life Courses soon?


  1. December 17, 2016 / 4:16 pm

    Have you moved yet?

  2. Nikki Wayne
    September 1, 2016 / 12:55 am

    Sounds like a nice course. I will share this with a friend who really need this most.

  3. August 31, 2016 / 11:06 pm

    Now that’s one good system to get out of a sticky situation! The solution always has to be led from motivation, that’s how I learned to resolve things.

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