Review: Bodycology Rich & Creamy Body Lotion and Anti-Bacterial Scrubbing Hand Soap

I have been using Bodycology’s new Rich & Creamy Body Lotion (Skin Softening) for a week now and have to say I really like it!  It is very soft on the skin, not too thick, not greasy, and has a lovely scent.  This formula has avocado oil and I think it makes a difference in the silky feel.  I also tried the Anti-Bacterial Scrubbing Hand Soap in Cherry Blossom.  While I really liked the little scrubbies and the ultra clean feeling of this soap, it has an alcohol type scent that I don’t care for.  However, after you scrub and rinse you are left with a faint Cherry Blossom scent.  It’s a minor detail and I am VERY sensitive to smells.  Bodycology has new Rich & Creamy lotions, body wash, and hand soaps available.  I had purchased Bodycology before and first, let me say thank you for making a bottle with a pump!  My goodness, it was almost impossible to get the lotion out of those older bottles.

Old Bodycology Bottle (no pump)

This is the Bodycology lotion I already had, as you can see, still mostly full even though I LOVED the scent of this lotion.  It’s just too difficult to squeeze out of the bottle.   I actually contemplated trying to transfer it to some random bottle with a pump!

These items sell for $3-$4 at my Wal-Mart so they are just right for any budget.  I will probably try some of the other items in this collection, too!

What have you tried from Bodycology?  Leave a comment and let me know!

I received these items from PR for review, but all views expressed are my honest opinions.


  1. Nina Keener
    April 8, 2016 / 2:50 pm

    Where can I purchase the cherry blossom fragrance antibacterial handsoap in Asheville NC, or can I order it? I love the smell and how it makes my hands feel.

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