Review: Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment

I have color-treated hair and can use all the extra softness and shine I can get!  So when I got the chance to try Couture Colour* Pequi Oil Treatment I was beyond ready.  I do have a great head of hair that has been good to me but I still have damage from color and blowdrying/flat-ironing.  Couture Colour says:  “Instantly absorbing Pequi Oil Treatment won’t weigh hair down.  Perfect for all hair types, this luxurios alcohol-free formula can be used everyday:  1. As a pre-treatment before shampooing 2. Prior to blow drying for silky shiny hair 3. Anytime for added softness and shine.”  FYI:  According to research “after one application, hair has 6x less breakage”.  I’d say that’s a great reason to give this a try.

Let me tell you, if you use this deliciously coconut -scented oil in your hair all 3 ways (before you shampoo, before you blow dry, AND after you style), you will not be disappointed!!  I did try using it just prior to blowdrying and it did provide some extra softness and shine but the real winning combination is definitely using it all 3 ways together.   Take those extra 3 minutes and just go for it!  My hair was incredibly soft, extra shiny and it really brought out the color in my color-treated hair.  My hair was twinkling with shine and color after I styled!

Loved, loved, loved the final results of Couture Colour Pequi Oil Treatment and would highly recommend this for purchase at Sephora or for $32.

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