Review: Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum

I have been using the Youth Corridor* Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum for 10 days now and thought it was time to share my glee!  This product is formulated with 10% Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Melatonin which altogether is meant to ultimately create a more youthful appearance.  It stimulates collagen, is defensive against inflammation, and neutralizes free radical damage.

This serum comes in a 1 oz glass bottle with a medicine dropper to dispense the product.  According to the directions, you apply 3 to 6 drops on the back of your hand and then smooth onto your face, neck, and upper chest.  Then rub the remaining serum into back of hands.  At first, it was a bit difficult for me to know if I was using enough product, if I was smoothing it on correctly, etc.  The serum has no oil or greasy effect so it was different for me to try and “smooth” it on.  Oh, interesting little fact:  Each time you open the bottle it gives the little PSSSSHHHT like when you open a fresh carbonated beverage!  Neat, right?  Once it was on my skin my whole face was literally shiny! Again, this was all new to me.  After applying my moisturizer, my skin did look nice but nothing too noticeable.

It took about 3 days to really notice a difference, but I did notice that my skin was more taut, there was a clearer, smoother, newer look to my face.  After 10 days, it looked as if I got rid of a bunch of old, sad layers of skin that were just weighing down my face!  That may sound weird but I really feel that’s true.  I think I can really tell there is a nice difference in my skin when I put on moisturizer, it just slides on my face, no tugging on my skin.  I assume my face is not starving for moisture any longer either!  I still really haven’t got the hang of the whole “3 to 6 drops” application, but I just use the dropper very sparingly until I get all areas covered.

I can say I am very, very happy with the results of this product and will definitely continue use!  It seems the 1 oz. bottle will last quite a long time the way it’s going, so I can start saving for the $125 it will cost for a new bottle.  Steep price tag yes, but if it works isn’t it worth it?

You can purchase Youth Corridor Antioxidant Boost Skin Serum for $125 at

Product provided by PR for editorial consideration, all opinions are my own.

What do you think of this product?  What are you using to boost your skin?  Comment and let me know!

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