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Himalayan Salt Lamps always catch my eye when I see them in shops.  While I have heard of the many benefits of salt lamps, I have been hesitant to purchase one because I could not be sure they were authentic Himalayan Salt Lamps.  Saltopia was kind enough to send me two of their Certified Himalayan Salt Lamps and I am thrilled to share my thoughts with you all.

From Saltopia:  

Himalayan Salt Lamp Benefits & How They Work for Us
Many people swear by the Himalayan Salt’s healing ability, claiming relief from the common cold, the curing of skin problems, mental health disorders, respiratory illness, headaches, migraines and much more. SALTOPIA’s Himalayan Salt Lamps are the most exquisite, guaranteed all-natural and certified authentic. SALTOPIA’s Himalayan Lamps are designed so that the slightest amount of heat inside the salt crystals will attract water molecules from the air, forming a NaCl and H20 solution. Sodium is a positive ion, and Chloride, a negative ion. Hydrogen has a two-part negative charge and Oxygen is a positively charged ion. These ions create a reaction of two positive ions and three negative ions. After canceling each other out, one lone negative ion is produced. This negative ion seeks out the first positive ion like a dust, or bacteria particle and removes it from the air. This is the natural process of positive ion reduction and this is how our Himalayan Salt Lamps work their magic!

The typical acrylic salt lamps you see in many stores are not the same as a Certified Himalayan Lamp.  Acrylic salt lamps do not offer any benefits to your health, they just look pretty.  Saltopia offers a valid Certification proving that each lamp is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains.  Each certificate clarifies the approximate date of each Himalayan Salt harvest and vessel arrival notice from SALTOPIA’s Himalayan salt farms.  They can absolutely track each harvest to confirm true authenticity.  How to tell if your salt lamp is real.

Saltopia Himalayan Salt Lamp ReviewI placed my first Saltopia Himalayan Salt Lamp at my desk, where I spend most of my day.  It fits right in with the calming, positive vibe that I strive for.  There is a dimmer switch, so you can turn the light high, medium, low, whatever you choose.  Having a Himalayan Salt Lamp converting positive ions into negative ions may assist in better health and well-being by reducing things like dust, pollen, mold spores, bacteria, poor air quality from technology, and more.  There could not be a more perfect spot for a salt lamp than a computer desk where I spend a ton of time.  Once the air is “cleaner” as a result of the Himalayan Lamp’s negative Ions, you may be able to see positive results for things like hay fever, air purifying, depression, sleep improvement, migraine relief, and more.  I do suffer from bouts of migraines and mild depression so I could not be more thrilled to incorporate a Himalayan Salt Lamp into my surroundings.

Benefits of Himalayan Salt LampsI placed my second Saltopia Himalayan Salt Lamp in our living room where the whole family spends a lot of time.  I love the look of it when there is low light in the room.  I find it so calming.  I have had both lamps in my home for two weeks now and I can tell you that I am definitely enjoying the benefits.  To those who don’t believe (or never experienced a salt lamp) this may sound unlikely, but I just feel BETTER each day when I turn on my lamps.  I feel like the air is better, my body feels more at peace…it’s a little hard to explain.  I am honestly thinking about adding a few more salt lamps to our home to put in the bedrooms and dining area.  Aren’t the night lights and salt crystal bowls the cutest?  Besides the beauty of these Himalayan Salt Lamps, I truly feel that the health benefits have manifested.  I could not be happier!

Product received from PR for editorial consideration, all opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. Linda Szymoniak
    April 9, 2017 / 1:27 pm

    My oldest daughter has been going through a rough time lately. She was engaged, but that ended and now she’s struggling to pay for an apartment and other expenses by herself. She had been wanting a salt lamp, which I finally saved up to get for her. Then I bought one for myself. I’m putting that one in the TV room, which is where daughter #2 and myself spend the majority of our time at home, and where our dogs and cats like to gather. I’ve only had mine for a few days, but if it works as well as so many people claim it does, I’m thinking of getting two slightly smaller ones for my daughter and I to put in our bedrooms. If nothing else, they are beautiful and I find the soft light soothing. Even if that’s the only benefit I see, it’s worth it. I’m still hoping it will help. I do have an older cat going through some medical issues and I’m hoping that it will help clear the air for her, too.

    • Tina Bowling
      April 10, 2017 / 12:36 pm

      Hi Linda! Thank you so much for sharing your story. I sure do hope your salt lamp helps you and your daughter. I agree, even for the beauty and soft light, it is worth it. Sending good vibes your way 🙂

    • Tina Bowling
      April 4, 2017 / 9:10 am

      They are so nice! Just visit the Saltopia website 🙂

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