Snack Break: Keebler Granola Fudge Bars

I will fully admit that I am a snacker!  Throughout the day I graze, as they say…a little of this, a bite of that, a little bit of this.  I have read so many articles that say this is truly the best way to eat if done right.  I know the best bit of advice to follow is “everything in moderation”.  So, in my opinion, snacking is a good thing and all cravings should get an answer.  If you crave salt, have a small snack of salty peanuts.  If you crave ice cream, have one of those mini ice creams that fill up the grocery store freezers now.  These days, companies are really providing options for snacks that won’t add 5 pounds to the scale as soon as you take a bite.

I had the opportunity to try out the new Granola Fudge Bars from Keebler* and feel like they are a great way to answer a craving for something sweet.  These were great for  my afternoon snack and the rest of the family loves these too.  We all have a sweet tooth (my honey is the reigning KING) and these are perfect for that type of craving.   With a mix of granola and sprinkle of chocolate (or peanut butter) chips, these tasty little bars have 10g of whole grains in each and do not contain any high fructose corn syrup.  Most importantly, they have have that yummy layer of Keebler Fudge, it’s the best (hello, have you TRIED the Fudge Stripes cookies??)!  You can find these in the Chocolate Chip or Peanut Butter variety and both are winners in my book!

What do you eat when YOU have a snack attack?  Do you snack on sweets or are you the salty variety?  Have you tried new Keebler* Granola Fudge Bars?


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