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One of my many, many interests is astrology.  I find it incredibly intriguing and would consider it a big part of my life.  The name of this blog, My Highest Self, actually stems from astrology.  I am a Pisces (my birthday is March 4) and read something in a book about Pisces that described how we have two (or more) sides that are always tugging at each other.  A line in that book always stuck with me:  Try to balance your life, your different sides…and manifest your highest self.  A few years later I would have “Manifest Your Highest Self” tattooed beautifully across my back.  It serves as a statement on who I am and who I strive to be.

A Pisces possesses superb intuitions and is know for extraordinary sensitivity and empathy.  Conflicting emotions and desires will pull us here and there at the same time.  We are creative and highly imaginative, usually the most successful as writers, musicians, and artists.  There are endless things I can say on this topic but I feel like I am a true Pisces.

When I read that Strange Invisible Perfumes* debuted a limited edition fragrance collection based on the astrological signs let’s say I was…BEYOND excited!  One of the first two released was…you guessed it:  Pisces!  Each sign is released as an eau de parfum in 1.7 fl. oz. custom engraved bottle hand-painted with sterling silver.  These are unisex botanical fragrances that will represent all 12 of the signs.

Some words from Alexandra Balahoutis, Perfumer and Founder of Strange Invisible Perfumes:

“I see the constellations of the zodiac as a palette of twelve mysterious essences.  Like botanical essences, their content is complex and elusive. They somehow power aspects of our personalities and influence our lives certainly, yet without explanation.”

I just love the quote above and feel such a connection to astrology in that way.  I have been so lucky to sample the Pisces Eau de Parfum from Strange Invisible Perfumes* and can confirm that the botanical perfume is complex!  The fragrance notes in Pisces include frankincense, jasmine, bay leaf, and black pepper.  If that doesn’t scream Pisces, with notes on such opposite spectrums, well then nothing does!  The end result fragrance while worn produces a dreamy, fresh, and surprisingly sexy scent that I cannot get enough of.  It lingers and shows up just when you thought it had worn off and I love that!

The Pisces and Virgo perfumes are out now and here’s the timeline on the other signs:  Libra and Aries will be introduced in September, followed by Scorpio and Taurus in October, Sagittarius and Gemini in November, Capricorn and Cancer in December, and Aquarius and Leo in January.  These are only available in-store or by phone order from the Strange Invisible Perfumes boutique.

What’s YOUR opinion of a collection based on astrological signs?  What’s YOUR sign and do you believe you fit the description?  What fragrance are you wearing right now?


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