Stunning Custom Jewelry by a Chicago Designer…

Looking for amazing custom jewelry from a Chicago designer?  Look no further than Bella Colletta by Christina B. which features all hand-made  pieces, each one of a kind.  You will never run into someone wearing “your” piece of jewelry!

The young Chicago jewelry designer, Christina Bock, is self-taught.  That’s right, not a day of  design school, just  talent.  It looks as though she’s doing fine without it!

Christina uses all semi-precious stones and mixed metals but is willing to use any materials by request.  Previous customers have had pieces made from Grandma’s broach or beads from a favorite necklace.  Not only one-of-a-kind, but a sentimental piece is made!  She gets her inspiration from walking around Chicago and traveling to other cities.  A recent trip to New Orleans found her using a lot more color and wild stones in current pieces.  Prices range from $45 (earrings and simple necklaces) to $750 (for huge elaborate pieces and some custom pieces).

 Let’s look at these amazing custom jewelry pieces, I am IN LOVE with this line!

 Bella Colletta by Christina B.

 Mixed metals chest piece with an antique pearl, crystal and sterling silver broach off set on the right, $375


Mixed gunmetal and silver chains with sterling silver disks, $275 

 Mixed gunmetal and silver chains with Jet crystals, $225

 Onyx stones with plated silver chains, $175


 Mixed metals (copper, gun metal, and silver) with tremolite stones, $315


Brass raw chain with silver backing and 5 Swarovski crystals, $200
 Long silver plated chains with polished agates, $275

Here are some pieces that have SOLD previously:

 Silver plated wrap necklace with purple Swarovski crystals, $275 SOLD



Silver plated chain with Opalite beads (synthetic opals), $250 SOLD



 Chest piece, mixed silver and gun metal chains, raw agate stone, $350 SOLD


I hope you’ll get in contact with Christina about these pieces or your own custom piece at  Also check out  This line is the cat’s meow as far as I’m concerned ;).

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