Swatch & Review: Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast – Extreme Green

Sometimes I’m glad I’m not super-impulsive.  If I was, I would have posted a review on Covergirl Intense ShadowBlast and it would have been a thumbs-down.  Instead, I decided to give it a try again and have come to the conclusion that I do like it!  The first time I gave it a try, I’ll admit I wasnt’ too sure how to apply it to get the desired effect.  I was dabbing it on and trying to blend it using the sponge applicator and it just wasn’t working out!  The look was uneven and the color just didn’t have any oomph after I dabbed and blended it out.

Fast forward to this week, when I saw a four page Seventeen magazine ad (yes, I read Seventeen magazine) for Covergirl that had a guide on how to apply Intense ShadowBlast.  It simply said to apply up to the crease concentrating at the upper and lower lashlines and blend with fingertips.  Simple, right?  It actually was pretty simple.  I just applied this heaviest at the lashline up and then blended out with my fingertip so that I wasn’t rubbing off all the product.  The pretty Intense Green shadow color really shows up!  As I have said many a time:  I need instructions, people!!  I am just not good at winging it.

The picture above shows my eyes with ONLY the Intense ShadowBlast and LashBlast Fusion mascara on.   It’s a very subtle look and could be taken into a really intense night look by applying plenty more ShadowBlast and swiping it under the lashline as well.   I just love the shimmer in this green!  I did not experience any probems with creasing and the staying power was good since this is a shadow with a primer built in.  In my opinion, this shadow with primer works pretty well and is a far cry from the SmokyShadowBlast that Covergirl first came up with: no pigment and plenty of creasing!  So, yay for Covergirl they have done it:  they have listened to customer feedback and improved on a product!

I purchased this Intense ShadowBlast either at CVS or Walgreens (probably) for around $9.00.  You can see more Covergirl products reviewed here and here.

Have you tried any of these Intense ShadowBlast colors yet?

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