A while back, my sweet blogger friend Sarah of A Beautiful Story did a swap with me!  I saw the cutest little pump bottle in one of her blog posts and that sparked it all.… View Post

It’s Saturday, yay!  This week I’m doing something new, participating in a Beauty & Fashion Blog Hop hosted by Beauty and Fashion Tech! I hope you’ll check out the links below from other awesome bloggers.… View Post

One day I had a lovely surprise in my e-mail: Hi Tina! Surprise, surprise! I picked you as my top commenter, in line with my 400th post.  Here’s the link to your surprise gift: http://www.thefabzilla.com/2012/08/400th-post-and-surprise-gift-to-top.html Ms.… View Post

First, thank you to all who have subscribed already to the new site!  You all make it worthwhile :).  Because this site is new I am trying to iron out any issues just as quickly… View Post