Glossybox March 2013

So here is what I received in my March 2013 Glossybox:

This month’s theme: Spring Fling

glossybox March 2013

glossybox march 2013

Elite Models Matt Liner – Matt Brown – full size, value $15.00

Koh Gen Do Oriental Plants Emollient Cream – sample size

Model Co Cheek & Lip Tint – Rosy Red  – full size, value $24.00

Prestiche Essential Bar Soap – Green Machine – full size, value $16.99 

Sebastian Professional Shaper Fierce – sample size

elite matt liner

DSC04597 DSC04598 DSC04609Model Co
I am excited about all of these products except the Prestiche soap.  This 4.4 oz soap sells for $16.99??  That is absolutely ridiculous since I can purchase a soap from Moksa Organics with much better ingredients and a larger size for just $6.50!  I also received a $40 gift certificate to Prestiche in this box.  Everything in the shop is so over-priced I could get two bars of soap with the $40 and that’s it.  Both the soap and gift certificate are a bit of a waste, in my opinion.  I will use all of the other products I’m sure!

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What do you think of the March 2013 Glossybox?

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My February 2013 Glossybox

Remember when I showed you my first Glossybox?  Well, at that time (I thought) I was deciding whether I wanted to sign up for the next box.  Little did I know I had signed up for an automatic monthly subscription.  Welp!  I guess I’m getting the next box then.  So here’s my February 2013 Glossybox:

This month’s theme: International Style

DSC04340 DSC04341 DSC04342

february 2013 glossybox review

MISSHA Super Aqua Renew Snail Hydro Gel Mask – full size, value $6.00

Nail Rock Nail Wraps – Black and White Stripes – full size, value $8.00

Da Vinci Cosmetics Shimmer Powder – Lava – 1.75 g, value $14.90

BVLGARI Soap – 1.76 oz, value of 5.3 oz is $30.00

Lisi Sheer Sparkle Lip Gloss – Soho – full size, value $6.90

As you can see my February Glossybox contains plenty of full size products!  Can we talk about this Snail Hydro Gel Mask?  It contains a formula of Snail Slime Extract.  Call me squeamish but I just cannot bring myself to try this!  I’m going to try to pass this off to someone I know and see if anyone wants it.  I can’t!  Not too sure about the soap either as it is VERY fragrant.  I think it would be nice to keep as a decorative touch in my bathroom.

I’m very excited about the Nail Rock though, LOVE the striped pattern!  I would most likely use these as an accent nail to get more wear out of the set.

lisi lip gloss

The lip gloss is nice but nothing to get too excited over as it is completely sheer.

da vinci lava I do like the shade of the shimmer powder very much.  It looks almost identical to Urban Decay Lounge.
urban decay lounge dupe

I’m not overly excited to have paid $21 for this particular box, but hey you win some you lose some! Want to sign up for Glossybox?

Products purchased by me. Post contains affiliate link.

I’m curious:  Would YOU try the Snail Slime mask??

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Review: Yardley London Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection

Have you seen (or tried) Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection yet?  These inexpensive products are in your drugstores right now!

I’ve tried the Sea Minerals Scrub & Smooth Bath Bar and it has THE BEST scent of Bergamot and Lime!  So refreshing and “foresty” (is that a word?).  This bar is formulated with Sea Weed Extract and Alfalfa leaves and is good for a bit of exfoliation.  Unfortunately, this one is not very moisturizing.

I’ve also tried the Mango Cream Body Butter Cleansing Bar and it totally makes up for the lack of moisturization in the Scrub & Smooth Bath Bar!  This one is noticeably more softening to the skin.  It is formulated with Mango Butter, Avocado Butter, and Olive Butter.  I think that explains all the softness!  The Mango scent on this is ever-so-faint.

My favorite of this Yardley London trio is the Sea Minerals Skin Smoothing Bath and Shower Gel.  I love that it comes in a large 16 oz size and has a handy pump!  Below you can see the shower gel is a thin liquid with little “bits”.  

Ingredients include Walnut Shell Powder, Kelp Extract, and Sea Salt.  The main reason I love this shower gel is that it smells fantastic like the Sea Minerals Soap PLUS it exfoliates and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry.  This shower gel has been ultra-refreshing in this ridiculous Summer heat!

Look for the bath bars for around $2.99 each and the shower gels at $4.99 each at several retailers.  Very affordable!

* Products provided by PR for review, all opinions expressed are my own. *

Have you tried these yet?

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New Drugstore Products: Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection

Yardley London is a brand of soap that I have seen in stores for a very long time but have never tried.  They have quite a few new products available in their new Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Collection.  You might want to consider these the next time you are shopping for bath and body items in your drugstore!

There are two Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath Bars available:  The Body Butter Mango Cream Cleansing Bar should be very moisturizing with pure mango, avocado and olive butter; and the Scrub & Smooth Sea Minerals Bath Bar should be great for exfoliating.  Both varieties are created with 98% plant-derived ingredients in a natural, pure vegetable base.

There are three Yardley Skin Indulgence Bath & Shower Gels in this new collection: Skin Smoothing Sea Minerals with a bergamot lime scent, Skin Soothing Lavender & Rosemary, and Mango & Lily with real mango butter.  All three are paraben free.

The bath bars are priced at around $2.99 each and the shower gels at $4.99 each.  Right now I have a few of these products to review and look forward to sharing all the details with you soon!

Have you seen any of these new Yardley London products in your drugstore?  Have you tried anything yet?

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