The Scent of a Rose…

What pure pleasure it’s been to sample some skincare items from Duchess Marden* over the last few weeks!  Some of my favorite highlights of the Duchess Marden line:

The inspiration for the line as described by Founder, Marla Steuer:  Duchess Marden was inspired by a journey that I took to Southeast Asia with my husband. I was searching for something that would feed my spirit. Following a desert trek in India, I came upon pure rose water and discovered charm, ritual, scent and pleasure all at once. When I learned of the many benefits of the rose, I was smitten.

All products contain pure rose water or rose oil

to provide deep hydration, brightening and smoothing, making skin supple and radiant.

Natural scents with no artificial fragrances.

Products are available for all skin types and include cleansers, exfoliant, serums, and more. 

My absolute favorite was the Body Serum, which is an oil and has a pure rose scent that is breathtaking, so fresh.

Rose is one of my first scent memories.  Do you all have those too?  A scent that when you get a whiff it just takes you back to a certain time?  This one takes me back to a time when I was about 7 years old and a neighbor of ours had a front yard full of the tallest roses.  When in bloom, the rose scent was so alive and the memory comes back whenever I smell a fresh rose.  The Body Serum was wonderful to put on after a shower and gave me gloriously silky skin.  I wish I had an endless supply of this Body Serum!

My second favorite was the Damascena Rose Water, which is made of rose water, rose oil and Japanese honeysuckle extract.

This can be used as a facial toner, in a bath, or an after-bath splash.  I loved to spritz this on my face as a toner, very refreshing, loved the smell (of course!).  The scent is also supposed to serve as an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant and we can all certainly benefit from that!

Take a look at the Duchess Marden line  and I hope you will try some for yourself!

What do you think of Duchess Marden?  Do you have a scent memory to share?

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