Tips to Combat Depression and Anxiety

Tips to Fight DepressionSince a young age I have struggled with the symptoms of depression and anxiety.  It’s a shame that I didn’t recognize it way back then.  Just within the last 10 years I have been able to understand the things that I have been going through almost my whole life.  Every single person who deals with depression and/or anxiety is different in the way they are affected and they way that they can be treated.  The symptoms that I experience include negative thinking, sluggish/extra-tired for no good reason, losing interest in social activities, and migraine headaches, just to name a few.  Today I wanted to share just a few of the ways I have learned to combat my symptoms of depression and anxiety.  If you are feeling constant symptoms of depression or anxiety and/or feel like things are out of your control, by all means I urge you to seek help from a professional.  If you find yourself battling addiction due to your depression or anxiety (or any other reason) please seek help from an addiction treatment center.  Here are just a few tips that I can offer that have helped me battle the symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Stay Proactive

I find that if I stay aware of how I am truly feeling every day, I can tell when symptoms are creeping up.  For instance, if I wake up with a migraine headache I know that my day will be a bit more difficult than usual.  From that, I know that I need to make a real effort to ward off falling into a depressive mood.  I will immediately get into self-care-mode after I take my kids to school.  For me, self-care means things like taking a warm bath with essential oils or just snuggling up on the couch with a blanket and one of my sinus pillows on my head.  Self-care for you can mean anything that is just for YOU and makes YOU feel calmer.

Put Down the Phone

These days technology is a blessing and a curse.  There are so many wonderful things we can now do with our mobile devices, but most days I feel like they have taken over the world.  I have seen a very noticeable change in my moods since I don’t stay immersed in all the social media and drama that comes with it.  When we are constantly looking at what we think other people’s lives are like based on social media, it can cause feelings of inadequacy and even despair.  Comparing our lives with others can take you down a rabbit-hole that you just don’t need in your life.  If you think this is you…just put down the phone.  Start making a daily effort to stop scrolling the social media feeds.  Just live your own life and you might accomplish something great!

Refresh Your Space

Recently, I discovered that if I go against my thoughts sometimes I can avert a depressive mood.  Instead of flopping down on the couch in front of the TV when I feel down, I tried tidying up my surroundings instead.  I will do things like wash all the bedding in my home or de-cluttering my closet or bathroom.  Sometimes, I will pick up a new laundry detergent or cleaning spray just to make it interesting.  Before I get started I usually add some oils to my diffuser and turn on my salt lamps.  This is something that always seems to put me in a good mood!

Try Supplements

I do a lot of research on depression and anxiety and how to help myself.  I feel like at this point in my life, I am not interested in suffering or feeling unhappy if I can help it.  In my research, I found that vitamins and supplements like B12 and magnesium can help with anxiety.  Over the past year, I have personally had great results taking these supplements daily.  I have read a lot about adaptogens and herbs as remedies as well.  Of course, I urge you to consult a physician and do your own research before adding vitamins and supplements.


Feel free to share your story and/or tips on depression and anxiety in the comments below.  I’d love to hear from you!

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