Tips on Trying to Conceive

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There is a long list of things you can do to make sure you have the best chance possible to get pregnant when you are trying to conceive.  Starting with keeping yourself and your partner healthy and ready to take on this responsibility. When we were trying for our first child, I made sure to eat fresh foods instead of processed foods and reduced my intake of caffeine and sugar.  This all helped to make sure my body stayed in the best shape.  Pregnancy will take a lot out of a woman, so it’s best to get prepared.  

One of the best tips I can give when trying to conceive is to track your menstrual cycle.  This will help you to know when you are ovulating.  Knowing your cycle and your most fertile days is absolutely crucial information when you are trying to conceive.  I recommend using one of the many ovulation apps and period tracking apps on the market.  These apps make it so easy to track when you start and end your menstruation cycle and you have a better chance of pinpointing ovulation.  I found this part of the process quite fun, actually!  I can remember tracking all of this information every day and looking forward to the day when I did not get my cycle as predicted, meaning (hopefully) I was pregnant!  Sometimes it can be a waiting game.  That waiting game can sometimes become longer than you had hoped.  I was quite lucky both times when trying to conceive, it only took about two months each time.  Boy, were we surprised at that!  We had close friends who were trying to get pregnant for a full year so we were mentally prepared to wait a while.  If the process had taken longer than expected, we certainly would have been looking into what our other options might be in order to conceive.

Stork OTC At Home Device

How to Use The Stork at Home Fertility DeviceIf you find yourself in the midst of that waiting game that seems to be taking longer than planned, say 9 months or 1 year of trying, you may be starting to think about other options.  You might be thinking about reproductive treatments that can get quite costly.  Before advancing to those options, The Stork OTC Conception Device is an easy-to-use and cost-effective alternative to consider.  The Stork is a medical device that you can use at home, during ovulation, to assist your chances of becoming pregnant.  It does not require a prescription and is available at multiple retailers.  It is so convenient and uses the unique cervical cap insemination technique. The smart technique of cervical cap insemination puts the sperm at the opening of the cervix, as close as possible, to swim up through to an egg, optimizing your chances of becoming pregnant.  Get in-depth details and instructional videos on how to use The Stork here.

One step you can take now is to find out how much you know about fertility by taking the quizzes on ovulation and fertility.  As with any endeavor in life, it’s my personal opinion that research is essential.  Stay one step ahead of the game and estimate the approximate timing of ovulation with the Ovulation Calculator.  If you and your partner feel that you are ready for next steps in your fertility journey, The Stork may be for you.

The Stork OTC is now available at select Target stores nationwide!

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