Water Safety Tips from British Swim School

SwimSafetyWhat does water safety mean to your family? To the British Swim School, it means taking the necessary steps so that we all can safely be in and around the water. Children won’t know how to be prepared in a water emergency if you don’t teach them the ‘what-ifs’. Much like educating a child on how to call 911 in an emergency, take the time to train them!

Educate your kids!

Put them in swimming lessons and insist that they learn the life-saving technique of a back float. Swim lessons are a great opportunity to have a fun activity with the kids, but the education they learn in swim lessons could save their lives one day!
Educate the little ones on what to do if they see someone in trouble. Throw a life-preserver, call 911, call for help, and at all costs, do not jump in after them! Even if our first instinct is to jump in and help.
Talk to the kids about safe pool practices and to follow all pool rules. They are there to keep them safe!
And never swim alone!

Make sure your home, condo and neighborhood is safe from the possibility of a water accident.

If you live in a condo, make sure they lock the doors and gates so little ones don’t wander into the pool alone.
Make sure toys aren’t left in the pool attracting the kiddos to go in after them.
Make sure there are no benches or chairs that give children the opportunity to climb over safety fencing and access the water.
If you have your own pool take the time to install safety monitors, locking gates, and even video monitors around your pool.


Always supervise anyone under the age of 16! Also keep in mind that anyone under the age of 18 isn’t an adult yet. Don’t put them in charge of watching the kids in the water…. That is your responsibility!
Make sure you talk to your nanny and babysitters about the importance of constant supervision!

Identify that the pool, beach or lake can be an amazing way to spend time having fun this summer. But be real about the dangers that come along with the water as well. Enjoy a safe and happy summer!

This post is in partnership with British Swim School.

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