What I’m Reading Now:

I am reading Secrets to the Grave by Tami Hoag.  This was actually a birthday gift and is the type of book I would have never chosen for myself!  I started reading and got hooked on this suspenseful “whodunit”.  In this book, a woman is brutally murdered and you are introduced to many characters who may have done it.  Ms. Hoag does a great job of going back and forth with each characters perspective, keeping you wondering what’s next.  There’s a nice twist in the story about half-way through, and I’m just past that part now.  I am REALLY wondering “whodunit” now!  I think I might check out another book of hers, Deeper than the Dead.

As I said, this is not even my type of book and I really like it!  This past year I have been on a roll reading books by blondes:  Tori Spelling, Chelsea Handler, Jenna Jameson, and Jenny McCarthy (all really good!).  Before that, I was on the Oprah Book Club train.  I will always love those books especially, they will forever be in my bookcase.  I am such a book-lover I always have a list going on what I want to read next!

What are YOU reading now?  What other books are on YOUR list?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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