Yes, I did get my 50% off code from NYX…

I have finally received my 50% off code from NYX 12th Anniversary Sale debacle!  Read my posts here and here detailing what has occured, if you are not aware.   There has been no real statement given by NYX as to what really happened with the sale and I have even tried contacting PR with no better results.  To date, I have gotten the vaguest answers  possible. 

Here’s the message that accompanied the code:

“Dear NYX Fan,
Thank you for taking your time out to shoot us a little note. We want to personally express our apologies to you due to the experience that you had during our 12 Year Anniversary Sale. We hope you know that this was a good experience for us as a company, just so we know how to better prepare ourselves for our next big event!
We hope that you accept this 50% off discount code and free shipping for your next purchase with NYX Cosmetics! ”

**Overall, I’m happy with my discount code and I will certainly use it.  I didn’t stay up all night trying to shop and checkout like some.  I was never able to get on the site at all during any time of the sale.**

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