Breakfast Break: *NEW* Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich

Just about every single day I eat a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast.  Lately, I’ve been shopping for alternatives for my quick morning meals.  I just had to share what I found at Walmart this week, new Special K Flatbread Breakfast Sandwiches! (Scroll down for the Weight Watchers Point on these).

I was so excited to see this new product because it looks SO MUCH like my favorite sandwich from Dunkin’ Donuts, the Veggie Egg White Flatbread!  I tell you, it’s the little things in life that make me happy :).

Now I can have my favorite sandwich at home with fewer calories. Did I mention these are absolutely delicious??  I did see other varieties with sausage or ham, if you prefer meat on your breakfast sandwich.  I am loving my new discovery!

UPDATE 1/15/13:  I calculated the Weight Watchers Points on these, here you go:

Fullscreen capture 1152013 120238 PM.bmp

* I purchased these at Walmart with my own money. * 

Have you seen or tried these yet?

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    • Hi Debbie, I went to our Jewel yesterday and they don’t have these yet. I’ll have to take another trip back to Walmart to stock up!

  1. I tried the sausage,egg,and cheese. Excellent way to acquire protein in the morning without loading up on simple carbs. 14 grams of protein to start your day. Carbs were 20g,fiber 3g, total calories is 240. (the ham,egg,and cheese has 8 grams of fat for a better low fat alternative).

  2. O M G! These are GREAT! Spotted them this weekend – at Walmart – and picked up a box of the sausage/egg/cheese flavor to have the mornings that I run before heading off to work and am pressed for time. I’ll be honest, I didn’t have very high expectations for these, simply based on other frozen breakfast sandwiches that you have to dismantle, microwave in sections, etc….. BUT……WOW! What a wonderful surprise >>>> the are completely delicious!!! I mean yummy!!!! Look for them, and BUY them! Buy MORE than 1 box though, because you’re going to fall in love :)

    • Hi Angie, YES I feel your excitement is just like mine for these fantastic sandwiches! And yes, I went over to Jewel thinking I was going to really stock up on these and they had nothing! I am in love with these flatbreads! I’ll have to head back to Walmart and I’ll probably buy 4-6 of these. If I could fit more in my freezer I would!!

  3. I found these in an endcap freezer friday night at wal mart. I bought the veggie ones and the sausage ones. I had the veggie one saturday morning and it was AWESOME! I don’t normally shop at wal mart, but honestly, these are the best new find ever.

  4. I’m currently having the sausage, egg, and cheese….delicious!!! I wish they had more than 4 in a box because they are $4.97!! So I will be searching for coupons haha

  5. I just tried the veggie one, it was awesome. Love the little kick you get from the pepper jack cheese. Texture, taste, and portion were just right.

  6. I jut love these. I eat the veggie one’s. I have only found them at Wal-Mart, but they are great. I do have to put a bit of salsa on it, to kick it up a bit, but hey better then McDonalds.

    • Hi Dawn, yes I have still only found them at Walmart too! I’m thinking about asking my Jewel to get these in stock, much more convenient to me. Thanks for the tip, I’m going to try these with salsa next time!!

  7. I just bought the ham, egg & pepper jack cheese ones and instead of bringing the box to work with me, I only grabbed one sandwich. Can anyone tell me how long to cook in microwave and if any other special instructions?

    • take it out of the package place it on a folded paper towel, cook for 1 min 15 sec. I’ve been doing it a little different I cook 45 sec on one side then flip it over and do 50 sec on the other side. I was getting a cold middle before I started doing that!

  8. I just tried the Special K sausage, egg and cheese one this morning. Wonderful flavor – maybe a bit too spicy on the sausage for my taste – but it was very good and VERY filling!

  9. I saw these at Sam’s Club this week and purchased a box. We eat other Special K healthy eating products so wanted to try. My husband and I both had one for breakfast for the first time this morning and I think they are great. He like it so much he ate a second one. But then again, he never has a weight issue to consider. For me I love the protein as it keeps my blood sugar and other things in check. Will definitely buy them again.

  10. I am a travel nurse and share a house with a friend. She is ALWAYS trying to get me to eat healthier. Anyway, she bought a box of the sausage ones. I only tried it because it was quick and convenient. OMG, these little breakfast sandwiches are amazing!!!!! They taste great, and completely satisfy me. The only bad thing I can say about them is they are so freaking tasty I want to eat another one, which sort of cancels out the whole healthy thing. Deliciousness in the freezer!!!!!

    • So true, Susan! I still eat these every single week day for breakfast. I hope they never stop making these!