Broadway imPRESS Giveaway Winner!

I confirmed and announced the Broadway imPRESS giveaway winner on Facebook but also wanted to post it here.  Congratulations to Tara B.!!  A big thank you to all who entered and I hope you will continue to follow My Highest Self.

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This morning, I finally secured my very own Kindle Fire!  I immediately went home and began setting it up and quickly got very discouraged when trying to connect to wi-fi.  I realized while at the store that I actually have no idea how wi-fi works!  As much as I love computers, I really don’t get into the technical aspect too much.  However, I am phenomenal at researching so I went to town Google searching to figure this thing out.  After a couple of tries, I found what I needed to do and can confirm that my Kindle Fire is up and running.  Woo hoo! A big thanks to my sweetheart, Ray, for always spoiling me!  I am so looking forward to investigating all that it can do.  I just downloaded the WordPress app so I can even blog from this thing.

Anyway, that was my morning/afternoon adventure.  What are you up to today?  Did you watch the Grammys last night?  I sure did!  My favorite look of the night was Rihanna, hands down.  There were a lot of awesome performances in every genre.  My favorite has to be the David Guetta/Chris Brown performance towards the end, it made me want to run around the house and DANCE!  What were your favorites?

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