Ciate Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover

I typically don’t think much about my nail polish remover.  I buy several different brands but I do try to go for the version that says “nourishing” or “moisturizing”.  Since removers are drying that extra step helps to condition my nails.  I had the chance to try Ciate Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover and I am hooked!

Ciate Dark Chocolate Nail Polish Remover


First, the heavy and luxe glass bottle from Ciate is beautiful and the scent is dark chocolate heaven.  Second, and most important, this gentle acetone-free remover is fortified with Vitamins E & B5.  The result is that my nails and cuticles do not feel dry after use.  They actually look and feel moisturized.  Not into dark chocolate?  Ciate offers an Orange Chocolate version, a Mint Chocolate version, and a White Chocolate version!  I would call this a splurge purchase since I usually buy drugstore brands.  However, if you are a nail fanatic (or chocolate lover) this will be a must try!

Available at Bloomingdale’s and Lord & Taylor, 5.09 fl oz for $16.00 each.

Product purchased by me, all opinions expressed are my own. Affiliate link.

What do you think, is this a splurge item or not?


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