The Only 2 Products You’ll Ever Need for an Instant Pedicure


Something you should know about me is that I always do my own pedicure or manicure.  I just don’t trust someone else to do what I like.  Control issues? Maybe 🙂  I have the at-home foot spa and there was a time that I did my foot spa pedicure every week.  These days, not so much.

Instant Pedicure!

I thought I would pass on my remedy for an “instant pedicure” every day!

Step 1:  Clip your nails.  Obviously, you don’t need to do this every day.  Sorry, had to specify.  I don’t use a file too much anymore, it’s just too time consuming and sometimes damages my nails.

Step 2:  Apply Gold Bond Foot Cream all over your feet.  It has a nice scent which is always important to me.  If you use this every day, I promise you will have the  most lovely and soft feet ever!  If your feet have been neglected for a while apply twice a day–even better.

Step 3:  Apply dots of  Sally Hansen Vitamin E Mousturizing Nail & Cuticle Oil onto each nail, massage well into cuticle and all around nail.  Massage the oil into your toes for another minute, just because it feels nice!  This little bottle has a handy brush and I love it.  It will last such a long time, you would be astounded if I told you how long I’ve had this!

Then, look at your feet and toes and tell me they don’t look freshly pedicured!  I always admire for a minute after I’m done. Ahhhh, feet don’t you love me?

This is the fastest pedicure in the midwest!  I swear by these products, they are just amazing and very inexpensive.  I have bought the Gold Bond Foot Cream at CVS, Walmart, and Target for around $7.  The Sally Hansen Cuticle Oil I have seen for around $6.

What are your fast fix products?  What do you use for your at-home pedicures? Leave a comment and share!


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