Truth Art Beauty – Custom Skin Care Blends, Made Fresh to Order

Did you ever desire to make your own fresh, skincare products?  I stumbled upon this brand new company, Truth Art Beauty, that lets you do just that and with fresh, all-natural ingredients!

On their website you can customize Truth Art Beauty’s Eye Balm, Face Nourish, Body Balm, and Body Buff.  I played around creating my own blend of Face Nourish by choosing a base moisturizer,then adding a bio-boost before finalizing.  Each product has a different creation process and different components.  The Body Buff has 4 different components and you can add essential oils to some.  There are bunches of different blends that you can end up with!

I think this is such a unique concept and the fact that all ingredients are fresh, all-natural and customized by you just has my head spinning!  All products are vegan and cruelty free, as well.   I hope you’ll go check them out and get started making your own skincare at Truth Art Beauty.

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